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Use your CC-WALLET balance to buy Cryptocurrencies in an open market with the highest escrow system, 
Sell your cryptocurrencies to fund your CC-WALLET account and withdraw with all our multiple withdrawal methods.

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Make all forms of electronic transactions such as those involving your cryptocurrencies right from your mobile phones with our E-wallet services. We are in partnership with Campost money to offer you one of the best avenues to monitor all transactions involving your cryptocurrencies, meet buyers and seller through the online community. 

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Danielle Mayer, business owner, says:

"Your money is in your control,Your transactions are ONE click away!"

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-Use your phone number to register e.g (237)(678900000).
-Choose account type e.g ( personal or business).
-Use a password made up of Upper case,lower case, numbers and spacial characters.

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-Edit your profile details and put your real names.
-Add your email id and contact details.
-Enable your 2factor authantication.

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-Upload your KYC details (passport number or National ID).

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CreativMoney platform is ready for transactions.

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